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When this album was recorded, Ran's intention was to revisit pieces he composed while living in Springfield, MA as a young man, but as he performed it evolved into an album of rarely played original compositions from throughout his life. The album starts with Jennique and then takes a leap back in time to the music clubs he would frequent, such as Jinxy and The Silver Fox. Here are some excerpt notes from Ran:


Cry Wolf: This composition was inspired by The Window, a film in which a little boy witnesses a murder but no one believes him. He had invented so many tales from so many dreams that neither his family nor the police would believe a word of his accounts. Only the murderer takes him seriously.

Sister Tee: To New York City. Sister Tee was an incredible woman whom I met at Sweet Daddy Grace’s Church (between Amsterdam and Saint Nicolas Avenue on 125th Street) across from the famous Apollo Theater, where Jeanne Lee and I appeared. Sister Tee would come to assist my landlady, Amelia Lehrfeld, on 113th Street and would often break into gospel songs. During Sunday services, it was incredible seeing her lead a chorus down the aisle. 

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"It's not my invention.

People have been learning music aurally since the beginning of time."

Pianist, composer, and educator Ran Blake (born April 20, 1935) is known for his unique style that combines blues, gospel, classical, and film noir influences into an innovative and dark jazz sound. His career spans over 50+ years on every major label. This is the official website of Ran Blake.


The Ran Blake Foundation 

The Ran Blake Foundation's (501(c)3) purpose is to preserve, promote, and advance aural learning, improvisation, cross-cultural collaboration, and innovation in music performance and education through classes, workshops, concerts, festivals, texts, and recordings.

We are dedicated to advance the understanding of creative music past the limited boundaries and expectations presented by traditionalist institutions. Our mission is to enable creative artists, adult and youth, in the community to advance their education, research, and performance to create innovative new music.

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