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When Soft Rains Fall

The Newest Sound You Never Heard

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"It's not my invention.

People have been learning music aurally since the beginning of time."

Pianist, composer, and educator Ran Blake (born April 20, 1935) is known for his unique style that combines blues, gospel, classical, and film noir influences into an innovative and dark jazz sound. His career spans over 50+ years on every major label. This is the official website of Ran Blake.


The Ran Blake Foundation 

The Ran Blake Foundation's (501(c)3) purpose is to preserve, promote, and advance aural learning, improvisation, cross-cultural collaboration, and innovation in music performance and education through classes, workshops, concerts, festivals, texts, and recordings.

We are dedicated to advance the understanding of creative music past the limited boundaries and expectations presented by traditionalist institutions. Our mission is to enable creative artists, adult and youth, in the community to advance their education, research, and performance to create innovative new music.

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