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When this album was recorded, Ran's intention was to revisit pieces he composed while living in Springfield, MA as a young man, but as he performed it evolved into an album of rarely played original compositions from throughout his life. The album starts with Jennique and then takes a leap back in time to the music clubs he would frequent, such as Jinxy and The Silver Fox. Here are some excerpt notes from Ran:


Cry Wolf: This composition was inspired by The Window, a film in which a little boy witnesses a murder but no one believes him. He had invented so many tales from so many dreams that neither his family nor the police would believe a word of his accounts. Only the murderer takes him seriously.

Sister Tee: To New York City. Sister Tee was an incredible woman whom I met at Sweet Daddy Grace’s Church (between Amsterdam and Saint Nicolas Avenue on 125th Street) across from the famous Apollo Theater, where Jeanne Lee and I appeared. Sister Tee would come to assist my landlady, Amelia Lehrfeld, on 113th Street and would often break into gospel songs. During Sunday services, it was incredible seeing her lead a chorus down the aisle. 

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Midnight in Friuli

Midnight in Friuli