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As if you found yourself in an adjacent cave, and because you entered alone the projector begins with the sea run over itself and then silvering away. The memory here is always white light and ink with the possibility of gold and ocher at the end. At the end of the story we cannot say whether or not it was true that the horses transcended their carousal. Up and away and off of the pier, over the bridge leaves torn from trees in you hair. You wake into a minor register--the oil shine of the Boulevard in the rain and this capital suddenly empty. But the voice begins again, ribboning through the pulse of the city, the film rewound leading you back through the city the park the bridge the pier and up, back up onto the platform of the carousal and now the sea and the shore washing and washing away from you. Circled back. No longer alone. 
Karla Kelsey 

As with many other forms of artistic expression, Music lives through paths of experience, searching, and understanding. If the first two aspects are the evidence of one's artistry of being, the latter, understanding, reveals a complexity of thought. With Camera Obscura, Serpa and Blake achieve this complexity in a masterful way. With open ears and attentive eyes, they transform each tune into an extraordinary journey without a fixed destiny. The episodes flow around uncertain structures and through each note's impressionism. In the immensity of this space, there is an undefined moment of common search and musical essence. It is an intimate place of constant provocation and unique sharing, in which the listener becomes a participant through the images suggested by this duo. Be aware: Camera Obscura exists to be rediscovered each time we hear it. In my view, this will undoubtedly make an important mark on the universe of the voice and piano. In fact, it will make its mark on the entire universe of new improvised music. 
Bernardo Sassetti  


released September 20, 2010 

Sara Serpa (voice), Ran Blake (piano)

(2010) Camera Obscura

SKU: Inner Circle Music ICM1

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