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David "Knife" Fabris, guitar 
Ran Blake, piano 

Mixed by Mark Hutchins at Royal Eagle Studio, Brooklyn NY 
Mastered 5/3/13 by Dave Locke at JP Masters, Jamaica Plain MA. 

1,10-12 Recorded and mixed at Six String Recording, NYC by Brian Kingman 

2,3,8,14 Recorded live on 12/10/10 at St. Catherine’s Church, Vilnius Lithuania by Arunas Zujus. (alternate takes from Vilnius Noir record, NoBusiness) 

4-7,9,13,17 Recorded and mixed by Dave Locke at Rear Window Studio, Brookline MA 

15,16 Recorded by Andrew Lypps and Eric Doberman at Zippah Recording, Brookline MA 

Assemblage vocal recorded by Mark Hutchins 
Cover photo Lettuce with Hands © 1980 by Robert Kaufman/SilverVisions 
Back cover photo © 2012 by Chris Rossow 
Design by Janice Cincotta 

Great Winds 
GW 3169 

Special Thanks to: 
Anastatia (the wife of the knife) - my muse and constant inspiration. 

Dorothy and Sergio Fabris for their strength and support (and the guitar lessons so long ago). 

All the musicians appearing on this recording – your playing was inspired and made this music even better than I imagined it could be. 

Ran Blake – my mentor, who believed in me more than I did in myself at times. 

Dave Locke, Mark Hutchins, Eric Doberman, Brian Kingman for making this thing a reality. 

Danas and Valerij at NoBusiness Records. 

Robert Kaufman, Chris Rossow and Janice Cincotta for making this project look as good as it sounds. 

Bernard Gueffier and Musea/Great Winds for bringing this to the world.

(2014) Lettuce Pray, featuring Ran Blake

SKU: Great Winds GW3169

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