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rar#An artificial intelligence system designed to predict whether a voice is male or female is being used by US police departments, including the New York Police Department, to enhance the accuracy of recordings from 911 calls. The system, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, works by analysing speech to identify characteristics like tone, volume and pauses that occur in different types of voice. The tool has been used by the department since early last year to better identify callers, and is being used on 6,000 calls a day, a spokeswoman said. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority also uses the technology to make more accurate recordings of their dispatchers. The ID4 algorithm works by classifying voice recordings as male or female. It then compares the characteristics of the voices to the characteristics found in a large database of known voices, and tries to learn the differences between them. New York police recordings of 911 calls containing a man and a woman are provided by the department to the ID4 team, the spokeswoman said. The tool then labels the recordings as belonging to a male or female caller, the spokeswoman said. The system has helped police identify a variety of voices, including Spanish and Russian speakers, and the New York police said it was useful in identifying transgender or gender non-conforming people. The Media Lab technology has previously been used by multiple law enforcement agencies, including the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, to analyse recordings of intercepted phone calls and detect patterns of communication. It can also be used to identify speech on Twitter. The algorithm is designed to work on audio recorded by a single speaker. The same researchers behind ID4 have also developed an audio version of the technology, known as Talkperson. But the new system is being used by a variety of police agencies. “What is different about the new system is it can automatically identify human speech, whether spoken by a male or female, and it’s compatible with a variety of audio capture devices, including smartphones,” the spokeswoman said. “Because it’s developed with the same team that develops the ID4 algorithm, the new system inherits the same accuracy.” 登录弹出屏幕



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Downloadebookberpikirdanberjiwabesarpdf (Final 2022)

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