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Seminar in Performance Course Description

This course will challenge students to develop a plan that conveys their innermost musical passions to the audience in the clearest possible way, musically as well as verbally. Throughout the semester we will address questions such as:

How will you organize your music? What arrangements? What sequence? How will instrumentation, dynamics, and rhythmic deviation play a role? How will you compose yourself on stage? How will you groom? What is your audience target? Most importantly, what is your message and what does your music mean to you? How will you package this message on record, on stage, or in film? Do you want to hear the truth from critics? The more abstract the content, the more simply the performer will need to be able to explain to the audience what they are performing and why. It is also important to recognize that while too much self-scrutiny and self-consciousness can inhibit the performance itself, they are essential in developing your sense of cognition.

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